Thursday, November 06, 2008

Joy Sundae: Using Humor and Laughter to Nurture Your Soul

How many of you remember celebrating with ice cream? Was it Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry? Perhaps it was multi colored sherbet? Did you make your own, turning the crank on a hot summer day? Whipped cream? Nuts? And oh, what a special treat if you got a special cookie or cherry on top.

If I got your taste buds going down memory lane, let’s take a little detour. Who were you with when you were eating that sweet treat? And what were you doing?

I’m guessing you were smiling and laughing. Most probably with family or friends. Our bodies don’t only need sweet treats and green vegetable to function properly. Laughter, the universal language, is great for our mind, body and spirit.

The act of laughing, with or without a joke helps our bodies breathe better, get a little bit of exercise, and improve our immune system. Humor and laughter can give our brain a boost of “feel good’ hormones and can improve memory.

How many of you have “doubled over’ with laughter? It is extremely difficult to feel sad, angry or depressed in the moment of serious laughter!

Take a moment today to create a low fat, no carbs, all natural sweet, and heart healthy treat … Joy Sundae!

2 scoops of laughter
Drench with warm memories
Whipped topping of mirth
Sprinkle with all the nuts in your life… and don’t forget the cherry.

Debra Joy Hart RN
Certified Laughter Leader
AgeWise Care Management

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Creativity injects you with a boost of energy to be fully engaged in living! Playing with your food engages all the senses, and is fun. Look at all the new cooking shows! In his book, Mindless Eating, Brian Wasink, PH.D. talks about making 200 food decisions a day. Well, if that is true, why not make part of the decision making process... the creative process. I have been creating "food sculptures' for family and friends for at least 10 years. One of my finest moments was being asked, by my son-in-law', "Can you make a fruit basket, in the shape of a pirate ship, have penguins in the crow's nest and EXPLODING canons?" Mission Accomplished!!!!
Note: Flash paper and gun powder make really fun " KABOOMS"

OOHY, GOOHY, Marshmallow Sculpture Treats
You will need:
2 - 10 oz. bags of marshmallows
12 Tlbs. of butter/margarine (stick kind only)
27 oz. of Rice Krispies (or similar)
17.5"X12"X2" pan
Melt butter over very low flame. Then add marshmallows. Be sure to lower the flame to the lowest setting. Now you can stir in Krispies. When mixed well, transfer and flatten into pan.I use a canning pot to mix the butter, marshmallows, and krispies in. For really low heat I use a heat diffuser.
Note: This recipe is for Marshmallow Sculptures. It is less sweet and dryer.

Enjoy the sweet video... with music by Lisa Lauren (original by Carol King)
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