Sunday, July 05, 2009

The constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. Benjamin Franklin

What would you get if you crossed the first signer of the Declaration of Independence with a rooster?
John Hancock-a-doodle-doo!

America is one place where people have complete control over how they pay their taxes—cash, check or money order. Nathan Hale

I just got back from a 10 day tour of Ireland. I fell in love with the colors of the land (more shades of green than I can count) stately Cana lilies, with a poke of yellow, and 5 colors of untamed rhododendron bushes. I loved scones, rashers of ham, and I discovered the joy of Jameson Irish whiskey, poured into an evening cup of coffee.

Pubs shared Irish music with a country ‘twang.” With Guinness™, Smithwick™ and Jameson™ flowing, we clapped and sang along to Irish ballads. I kareoke’d with new Australian friends and cherished the friendly competition of Paddy Wagon™ Bus 1 vs. Bus 2. Our bus won for number of times singing, Bus 2 won for quality.

A new respect for’ sense” of humor was gained as I traveled with 11 of our own family (2 whom are British), and 4 newly made Australian and Germans friends.

Humor (according to Webster’s definition 5) is the ability to perceive, appreciate or express what is funny, amusing or ludicrous.

While my own sense of humor waned while climbing 3 flights of narrow stairs, sleeping with 8 others in bunk bed quarters, rented towels and one sheet per person, I relied on my husband’s steadfast silliness.

I watched with respect as I saw how others made the best of some uncomfortable situations. The Australians laughed off the rude competitive remarks of our Irish tour guide. While recounting Irish history, this tour guide also made many negative comments directed toward the British. John and Mark, both from England, were able to vent the tension with good humor at mealtimes.

Humor is relative to a situation. Being from the Midwest, seeing a sign that demonstrates’ no cliff Jumping”, is funny to me. Seeing sheep with different colors painted on their back makes me smile.
Hearing our tour guide cuss gently in an Irish brogue made me laugh. I had no idea if it was even directed at me.

I’m happy to be home. I’m glad to celebrate our country’s freedom. I appreciate this country’s emotional growth, from British rule, civil war,
Racism, terrorism, homophobia and the sexual revolution. Most of all, I appreciate and honor the freedom of laughter. Laughter has no accent.

Special blessing of gratitude, humor, mirth and joy go to: Darrell, Kate, Geri, Steph/Dan, Chuck/Sandy, John/Sharon, Mark/Betsi, Aza/Kat, Spence, Ulrike and Stephanie,

Debra Joy Hart RN BFA CLL
Age Wise Care Management