Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 14 on my 100 day journey… and I confess I do not like Valentines day…

Valentines Day was always( even as a young child) a major source of anxiety. I loved decorating the boxes in preparation to receive a valentine…but my angst about giving and receiving, disappointing others and being disappointed was horrendous. I was scared that I didnt give the “right’ homemade or store bought valentine to my favorite friend and like wise, would I get one from my secret crush? And, after eating a lot of those heart shaped sugar cookies( think back to grades 1-3) with the pink , red and white frosting.. . to stuff my nervousness …I was the one who threw up in class. Pitiful, wasnt it!?

One year, ( ok, I admit , when I was in my 40′s) I spent $86.52 on valentines… what was I thinking???? And the angst was still present and I was eating chocolates to ” stuff” my nervousness.

Finally when I got to my 50′s… I admitted to myself and others..I dont like Valentines Day. Dagnabbit.. and my last name is HART!
BLESSING # 253: My best friend /neighbor doesnt like it either! We celebrate not celebrating! And Blessing# 254: Both our husbands understand.

And Heart /Hart Healthy activity the past 2 days: I cleaned out ALL outdated/unused/scrappy jars, bottles and frozen foods from my refrigerator and freezer. My refrigerator looks slimmer and feels better. Like me.

May your day be HART/HEART healthy!

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