Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 2 of my inside out journey. A friend from my diet support group wrote me. Both of us agree: its the journey, not the outcome. Sure, I lost 20 lbs before... and then packed it back on...yet now I am more about the process than the goal. I have learned many tools since 1992 when I shed those lbs. I trust my knowledge and , I have learned its ok to lean on others when they offer. I can ask for help. I am not alone emotionally. I think that is the worst.. feeling discarded in friendship and love.

These snow days have been wonderful for me. I have spent the quiet time asking myself," Are you hungry?" " What do you REEEEEEEEEEEEAALLLLLLY want?" I have been satisfied with all my choices. I measured out 1 glass of red wine last nite. I took out the ole' George Foreman grill and had a small swordfish steak. I measure out real butter on my toast. Had a blueberry smoothie, yesterday and today...

When I travel( which I love) everyday I ask," How can it get any better than this?".. and it always does... So today( and just for today) I have stayed focus, enjoyed the ride, had a diet buddy email me and I have on my flowered spring socks on my feet... How can it get any better than this..???

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