Saturday, February 12, 2011

This week I took a courageous step on my 100 day health and wholeness journey.

I told the truth. Not just any truth, but one that involved me being vulnerable, gentle and protective of my own needs.

The truth: As much as I wanted to be( travel) with my husband, kids and grandbaby, I feared that it would take me off course of my diet. Their eating habits( at this point) are different than mine. And, I suppose as a mother, woman and person who says often" oh dont worry about me", I had more than an inkling that I would succumb to veering off course.

First, I told my husband. He knew something was up and serious when I turned the volume down on the TV. Then I told the truth to my step daughter. Both were supportive and understanding. I am so used to " serving others" that I feared that I would upset the proverbial "apple cart" by doing something different. I humorously reflect," Thank God I am not the center of their universe." Then I realize,' Who ever said you were????" ( sometimes the truth hurts , dont it Deb????)

I have often said to others , as well as myself," When needing to make a difficult choice between 2 things... always go with the one that gives you more peace of mind. Even if it is scary." I did and I am at peace. Another step on my journey of health and wholeness.

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