Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A new journey starts with a single step.....

I am on day 1 of my 100 days of Wholeness and Health.

This came about by listening to another diet group member talk about her 100 days to change her levels of blood glucose in her system. She read somewhere it takes 100 days to regenerate cell, certain cells in her system.

I admit yesterday I had a moment of," What did I get myself into?????"

I said to myself... this will pass... breathe.

I made a special book/journal to write down everyday what I have eaten.
I decorated it with stickers and inspiring words.
I told myself," Im worth it," since I usually only make things like this for others...

I made sure my food scale was working and my " go to" book of calories was in place...

I have been drinking between 32-64 ounces of water daily this past week week and have bottles that I fill to remind me what needs to be done.

I have experimented with my diet over the past year.. and realized i have a bit of a gluten intolerance and do much better with sprouted whole grain or rice noodles.

I have not had ( but 1 time) in the past 3 years cheese. Looks warm and cuddly... dont need it. I can have a little milk and my body does tolerate greek yogurt.

I will be honest as I write .. and I will tell my weight...( pretty gutsy of me heh?)
Today I weighed 183.2 lbs...( 4 years ago I was up to 192...)
I will count my calories( 1700/day for now) " religiously" and will weigh and measure.
That is my goal for the week.

However, this isnt all about weight... its about WHOLENESS... so the other assignment for myself..
Be compassionate to myself...

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