Thursday, February 03, 2011

I have been experimenting with my eating these last couple of " snow days."
Can I eat 1/2 as much as I had been? Will I be wanting more? Will I feel full? Will I go crazy from hunger? (Ok.. maybe crazy is an exageration...yet...)

Up to this point I had already started taking most of my meals on a smaller plate ( 1/2 the size of a dinner plate). Special treats I eat with a tiny spoon.( 1/2 the size of a teaspoon..its gold colored and 'makes me feel special.') About a year ago I wanted to cut my caffeine consumption and stated making my morning coffee 1/2 caf, 1/2 decaf. I even do this when i am cup caf, one cup decaf.Believe me, the waitresses are glad someone is drinking it and using up the pot. I cut my shoe collection in half, ( ok, I confess..). For the most part, when I buy a piece clothing, I look in my closet, take something out and donate it.

I go out to eat and go out for coffee 1/2 as much as I used to, to save money.

Eating these past few days has been an adventure. 1/2 of sprouted grain muffin, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/2 tbl.spoon butter. 1/2 the amount of oil and ... yes even 1/2 as much popcorn.

I havent felt the urge to eat more and I felt comfortably full. YAY ME!

Perhaps all my 1/2 off practice has paid off... (and who doesnt like a sale????)

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