Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 5...95 days more to discover, uncover and explore health and wholeness.

Report for you bottom-up dieters...
I got on the scale today and I weighed 180.8. This is a 2.4lb loss in the last 4 days...A loss of 2.4 lbs. Calorie range from 1268-1730..

Report for the top-down crowd...
I have been very mindful of portion,plating and peace.

I have been letting myself" feel" supported. And asking myself, what does " support' mean? What are the different kinds of support I get?

Yes, my wise cracking self says," A bra gives me support." I dont really pay much attention accept in the morning as I put it on or take off at nite. Occasionally itching in between.

Last nite, best friend X asked, ( about my upcoming trip to Africa and needing certain medical supplies) "What about your friends that are not on facebook.. Will you send us something via email?"

I suppose asking for support is all in the communication of intensity,poignancy and timing. I told best friend X, that her emotional support for me is more than enough. Letting me vent about issues as they come up is what I need most from her. Yet, I suspect, she would like to contribute in a physical way too. She would also like to tell others. It is an opportunity for people to" pay it forward" all the goodness that has come to their life.

Using my best diet analogy," I will being asking for support from a bottom -up' approach. Translation: Looking into ways people can sponsor" medical supplies." and money for transporting those medical supplies.

For those that are supporting me from the " top-down".. aka emotional, spiritual and intellectual... I am grateful for your love, presence and ideas.

I promise to have a " list" of sponsor ideas and costs very soon...

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