Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My daughter and I had some serious financial discussions yesterday. I've been in her shoes before...many times.

If my "reactionary meltdown" wasnt about money( which it has), it was about relationships. My melt-downs( or eruptions) were about husbands( both ex and present), family members or... as in the past,romantic interests. I've had health scares ( think: cancer, stroke and the 2 things growing in my brain) and volcanic eruptions about employment. Religious affiliations (not spiritual) have helped to grind my teeth at nite.

I confess: I have thrown my scale out a second story window( with the window open),eaten my weight in potato chips and spent my weight in frivolous gifts. I have drunk my weight in alcohol ounces( waaaaaay in the past)and expressed my body weight in anger and rage.

Corollary#539: When my weight went up, my self esteem went down. Simple Geometry.

Corollary #3: When eruptions, explosions,falling in a holes,hitting bottom, overeating and feeling the weight gain pain, blackout drinking, arguments with 'whomever', over extended hospitalizations," I-Hate-My- Job" noises, and " I -have-no- money- again", makes way for opportunity to change.

Again: Simple Geometry: Crisis= Opportunity

My daughter thanked me for acknowledging her growth.... My daughter acknowledged her part( i.e. did not defend or deflect her actions. And, on the spot... took immediate action. She did not put it off for another day, week or month.

She is my hero for today.

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